5 Ways to Customize Your Car

If you’re a car enthusiast, you will no doubt be open to custom upgrades to improve your vehicle. Modifications can give your car a sleeker look and improve its performance. These five modifications are suggested by Tennessee Tires and Wheels if you’ve been thinking about adding auto upgrades to your vehicle.

Upgrade Wheels

Upgrade to new wheels to take your car to the next level. The right wheels will transform the appearance and performance of your car. There are many options for sizes and finishes to choose from, so you can find the right set for your vehicle. There are three types of wheel finishes: alloy, chrome, and steel. TSW alloy wheels, Black Rhino Wheels and Niche road wheels are all recommended brands. You can opt for staggered wheels for a more aggressive look and drive.

Tires Upgrade

The car’s tires are one of the most important factors that can affect a vehicle’s performance. The car’s sole contact point with the road is the tires. They can have a significant impact on the driving experience. You can customize your tires by choosing the tread depth, rigidity and width. There are many options for tires available from different brands like Nexen Tire and Goodyear . Make sure you choose the right set of tires for your vehicle, including your wheels.

Paint a Job

Custom auto and wheel painting can add a splash of color to your vehicle. Professional auto painters can match your wheels to your vehicle’s body and make any customizations necessary to make it stand out. A paint job involves surface preparation, sealer, paint, clear coat, buffing, and final polishing.

Add Window Tints

Window tints offer protection from harmful sun rays and aesthetic benefits. There are many shades of tint available, depending on what you want for your ride. While lighter tints are more comfortable for the eyes, darker tints can be more discreet and provide privacy for passengers.

Install a Coilover Kit

Coilovers are also known as coilover shock absorbers and are an important performance upgrade for automobile suspensions. Coilovers are used by car enthusiasts to reduce body roll using stiffer springs. A coilover can also reduce the vehicle’s position. The most popular coilover systems are Tein and KW. All of these systems can be found at Tennessee Tires and Wheels

Whatever your ultimate goal is, a few cosmetic and performance modifications to your car can help you get there. Contact our team for more information about automobile services or potential upgrades.

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