A Guide to Learn About Vehicle Inventory Management

Does your business want to create an impeccable listing that helps it stand out from its competitors? A vehicle inventory management checklist would be the best assistance in this regard. We are providing you a checklist that assures your vehicle inventory manager does not miss out on any critical data that can assist dealership during car buyer’s research.

What is vehicle inventory management procedure?

The management process of vehicle inventory begins when the dealership manager prepares a “bill of sale” for the new car. The vehicle obtains folders, tags, stock number, and get entry into the dealer management system. As the dealer management system is the place where CRM tools and 3rd and party acquires the information, the precision of this level is important but often overlooked.

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Save significant paper and time with quality control

With a manual system, it takes to print several papers to stock a vehicle for the first time. In addition to the wastage of paper, there is a high chance of discrepancies. A fast audit only requires 10 minutes. It saves resources and also improves overall efficiency of a dealership.

What things to include when performing a quick audit?

You need to include basic components of a vehicle such as Stock Number, New or Used, Year, Make, Model, Body style, Correct VIN, Vehicle mileage, Color, Photos, Transmission type(Manual or Automatic), type of wheels, Passenger total, Heated or cooled seats, Alarm system, Fuel type, Current offers, the vehicles and bells, Moonroof or Sunroof, Navigation, Keyless entry, and Backup cameras

Ensure to fill each section carefully, as it will aid car finder filters to do a good better job of including your listings.  Inaccurate or missing information of the vehicle can harm dealers who look to enhance sales leads as complete listings are expected to display when buyers use filters for searching any vehicle.


So, this was all about managing a vehicle inventory in an auto dealership business. Good management of vehicle inventory can bring a lot of positive difference in the number of car sales. Though it looks like a lot of tracking work, it is sure to reap big rewards that are worth it.