A Guide to Motorcycle Styles: What you Need to Know

Thinking of becoming a biker? With the cost of 4-wheel motoring being what it is, many drivers are selling their cars and turning to two wheels, which is a great idea in Australia, where we have mild winters and some great roads. When thinking of buying a motorcycle, your first consideration is what kind of riding will you be doing; will it be strictly road riding, or are you planning some off-road stuff? Is touring likely to come into the frame? In order to help you choose the right machine, here’s a quick look at the most common motorcycles styles.


While all the major motorcycle manufacturers make a sports style series, the best has to be the Yamaha TZFR Series, which you can view at any dealer of Yamaha bikes in Sydney. The smallest is the R15, a single-cylinder, liquid cooled 4-stroke engine that delivers awesome power for a lightweight, then comes the R3, which is basically a souped-up twin-cylinder version of the R15. If 330cc isn’t enough, check out the R6, which is designed like Rossi’s Moto GP bike, with more than enough power for any rider.

The Cruiser

High handlebars and a laid-back bench seat defines the cruiser, which is designed more for comfort than speed, although the 600- 750cc engine range enables all-day touring. Typically, V-Twin, 4-cylinder engines, the cruising bike is for extended highway riding, so if you are planning a tour of Australia on two wheels, this is the style for you. Fit the bike with panniers or side bags and you can travel prepared, with great fuel efficiency and a lot of torque, which is what you need from a touring cruiser.

The Off-Road Bike

The latest style to become popular is a cross between a road and a dirt bike, a machine that is equally at home on dirt or tarmac, and the Yamaha Tenere is undoubtedly the best of the bunch, with a 700cc twin-cylinder engine that has reliability written all over it. Motocross style bikes are great for the adventurer who wants to explore the Outback, and you can stop by at any Yamaha dealer to test ride the Tenere, or one of the other models that are designed for all-terrain riding.

Only you know what kind of rising you want to do, and Yamaha have pretty much the best bikes in all categories, so search online for your nearest Yamaha dealer and get ready for a life-changing experience.