Are You Aware That Auto Transport through Rail Can Always be Cheaper?

People earlier used to transport their vehicle through railway service. However, there are other transport shipping companies in the market these days, so people are not availing rail service as much that they used to.

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However, do you know, transporting your car through rail services can be much cheaper? Since 2011 they have suffered from a steady decline in their following opportunities:

  • Inventory from various trade-ins
  • Fleet/rental cars
  • Consumer lease returns
  • Used car dealers are not shopping online auctions due to low mileage inventory and quality

With the help of online auction, trading areas of various dealers can be expanded and also all the car transporters who are offering car transporting services can take the benefit of rail services for transporting their cars for either short or long distances.

Since, railroad services are moving tons of freight up to 410 miles per gallon of their diesel fuel, hence shipping any car by train to move over 500 miles will significantly reduce the auto transport costs.

Present day’s car haulers also make it pretty easy for various used car dealers for placing orders online and get instant quotes for door-to-door pickup/delivery to almost anywhere within the country.

Usually, any truck transport is recommended within the radius of 250-mile as the pickup point. By using the combination of rail and truck, it is now possible to ship vehicles for longer distances at much affordable prices.

Besides, saving your cost of transport there are few more plus points of using rail service for transporting vehicles:

  • Rail transports are much reliable service

During last 5 years in the USA, nearly 75 million imported and domestic cars/trucks were sold. Vehicles purchased at various auctions are usually first transported to any nearest railway stations by using truck and then loaded carefully into the rail.

Also, they will be secured inside the railway wagon by using tire chocks and straps to prevent any kind of damage during transit. After the train reaches to near the destination, entire vehicles are then carefully unloaded, placed on transporter truck and then delivered to their respective destination.

  • Hassle free service

Most of the car haulers today, buy cars and trucks at auction and then transport them through rail transport. They coordinate their entire move right from their local pick-up to their final delivery.

You can also get online shipment status from website of car hauler and this service carries on totally hassle free.

Therefore, if you are in the business of used car who is buying cars from auto auctions from certain outside locations from your usual business area and little concerned about your profit margin, then consider using an affordable rail services together with truck options.