New To Overlanding? Here’s What You Need To Travel!

You have a Jeep. You love traveling. Have you considered overlanding as an option? For the uninitiated, overlanding is about the journey, not merely the destination. Travelers often like to take offbeat roads, and while it may seem that overlanding doesn’t require any planning, you need to be fully prepped for the road. The first thing that matters is your vehicle, and Jeep is often considered to be ideal, because of things like ground clearance, torque, and cargo capacity. From tents to stay along the way, to Jeep OEM shock replacements, there are certain things that must be with you, in the vehicle, at all times.

Below is a guide to overlanding for beginners.

  • Start with gear. There are many online stores that have a set of overlanding gear, products and equipment, which are just ideal for every trip. However, you don’t need to buy it all, especially if this is your first trip, or you plan to travel less. Some of the things you may need include – Bump stops, limit straps, OEM kits, basic parts, shocks, winter tires (depending on weather), springs, and race jacks. You will also need winching accessories and kit.
  • Don’t miss the basics. Overlanding requires you to be fully ready with the supplies. Think of simple things – propane stove and tank, basic kitchen supplies, reusable utensils, a foldable tent and set of chairs, and food supplies. Along the way, you can always choose to refill as needed, but be ready of the unexpected. Toiletries, clothing, and personal stuff are as necessary.

  • Plan for other things. Have you considered the need for a cooler? For trips that extend beyond two days, this might be more than important. You also need to have paper maps and advanced navigation products, besides other extras like air compressors and deflators. Hi-Lift Jacks, rooftop tents, first aid kits are other things to have.

Where to buy overlanding gear?

There are many online stores that have specific list of gear and accessories for vehicles like Jeep, and you can find some amazing deals too. Keep in mind that you must have a list handy first, so that you can sort things on priority.

Many travelers would rather spend weeks in planning their trip, instead of focusing on the journey. Overlanding is also about taking some time off, to appreciate on-road beauty and nature. Don’t rush the experience, and ensure that safety and mitigating risks remain your top priorities.